Boltíves pincével rendelkező családi ház Budaörsön

Alapterület: 85m2
Ár: 64 900 000 FT


64 900 000 FT

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Alapterület: 85m2
Építés éve: 1986
Telek terület: 138m2 
Fűtési rendszer: Cirkó
Kilátás: Utcára néző



We offer for sale a 100 m2 family house with a vaulted cellar in Budaörs near the Kálvária hill, offered by the House Hunters. The property is located in the central part of the city in the garden city area. The special feature of the property is its vaulted cellar opening from the living room.
The building with a floor area of 100 m2 is located on a plot of 135 m2. The plot is sunlit, approximately 8 meters wide and 17 meters long in the shape of a rectangle. In the neighborhood, it can be observed that the residential properties are street-facing, with a small garden. There is a building on the plot. The property is communal. The building has a free-standing, raised ground floor, with a basement extending to the back street below. The base of the building is 55 m2, the useful attic (where the interior height is at least 1.9 m) has a floor area of 45 m2. The building has a 4 m2 south-facing balcony.
The owners started renovating the building, which was built in 1987. On the ground floor, a spacious living room with an American kitchen and a small bathroom were created. At the entrance, you can go upstairs from a hall, where there are three rooms. One room has an exit to the back garden, the other bedroom has a south-facing balcony. Upstairs there is a larger bathroom to be renovated.
The heating is central heating with radiators. Cooling is provided by the cellar.
Public transport is excellent. Please contact me any question!

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